Gluteus medius tendonitis, tendonitis of the hip

traitement-moyen-fessierGluteus medius tendinitis causes pain in the outside of the hip, just below the groin. The sore point sits on a bony prominence behind the deep thigh is the area of ​​attachment of the tendon. The gluteus medius muscle is an important muscle of the upright standing posture. The hip tendinitis therefore causes pain at standing and walking. Usually tendonitis of the gluteus medius occurs pain among tension of the tendon, when standing up and walking. A tendonitis caused by an overuse of this muscle is very rare.

It concerns patients with a very important walking activity or sportsmen. It also concerns people who are not able to warl properly because of a limp or another disease :

  • malformations of the pelvis,
  • lower limb muscle diseases,
  • post operatory situations,
  • paralysis…

Most of the time, they correspond to projected pains. Indeed, the tendons are rich in nerve endings, and the gluteus medius is the usual projection of irritated nerves in the lumbar spine.

The function of the gluteus medius is to achieve a hip abduction with its anterior fibers that perform flexion and posterior fibers for hip extension.

Groin / adductor tendonitis

The groin tendonitis is a pain in the pubical area that occurs among young athletes with an intensive practice, most often in soccer, but also rugby, equestrian sports, handball, skiing, fencing, tennis, basketball, dance, gymnastics … When we run, there is an imbalance between the side of the body where the foot is pressed and when the foot is raised or middle position.

The pubic symphysis is an important crossroad between the powerful adductor muscles and abdominals during the OLB -one foot- during the race, major constraints create a shear at the pubis.

In my specialty I only treat the thigh adductor tendinitis and the imbalance between the abdominals and the tensor fascia lata, factor of pelvic conflicts.

25 August 2018 - 10 h 45 min

Hip tendonitis